Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Films.

I have already seen 2 of the summer big films and looking to a few more.
Terminator:Salvation, Transformers 2, Public Enemies, and Harry Potter. Maybe GI Joe. Funny People might also being worth seeing in theaters.

I dont see many other great comedies or dramas worth seeing this summer. Last year we had Get Smart. I dont think any of these films will be a Dark Knight or if any will be best of their series. I have doubts about all of them. I know terminator will have a great action but it cant be 90 plus minutes of straight action so will rest of the movie be good enough. That what was so good abut Terminator Judgement Day it had a great story supported by good action. I just hope this is has great action supported by a good story.

Transformers 2 seems good on trailers but no mention of the fallen in the trailer. I have my doubts it will have its a funny moments that were such a wonderful joy in the first one. I dont know if this new harry potter film will have the same weight as the previous installmentt that showed this was more than a movie about teens or wizardry. I was bummed by the pg rating more so than I am by the pg13 on Terminator .

Public Enemies a movie about Dillinger, which I was working on a screenplay for before I found out this project could have gone in de velopment. It has Michael Mann directing again and it stars Depp and Christian Bale. Bale who had the biggest film last summer has 2 big films this summer (though I hear he is a jerk). This looks like a great film but looks too big for the Oscars. Havent seen any oscar movies yet this year. Though I hear the Solist is worth taking a look at. Enjoy the summer at the theaters. Dont bootleg them or watch cheap versions online.

Star Trek

I am not a trekkie. I have seen a couple of Kirk movies so I least knew the characters. I've seen a few Generation episodes and enjoyed Star Trek: First Contact. I knew the hype going in and that many of my friends greatly enjoyed it as well as critics. Though some critics attacked the film for not giving us the deeper issues that were more common in star trek movies and compared this film to Star Wars instead. The farmboy, who is compelled by a friend of his father to come out into space, meets interesting characters, is set on the final path to reach his destiny on a snowy planet, defeats an enemy, saves a planet, and is given a hero's celebration. Oh and he doesnt get the girl. Yeah sounds like elements of star wars to me.

I was blown away by the opening scene, which may have been the best part of the movie. I am glad I saw it on IMAX. It was rich in detail, action, story, acting, and music. I had to buy that piece of score right away. It starts off as a future Romulan ship destroys the USS kelvin and killing Kirk Sr. in the process who was captain of the ship for 12 min but saved many lives. Romulans are after Spock. We next see the growing up of Kirk and Spock on their planets and how they enter Star Fleet Academy. Chris Pine was a great find as Kirk and I already was a fan of the Actor playing Spock who plays Sylar on Heroes (Zachary Quinto). The rest of the cast was pretty good as well. I couldnt even recognize Eric Bana as our Baddie Nero except sometimes in his voice. Karl Urban was surprisingly good as the Doctor "Bones".

Romulans after 25 years are back. Many ships are destroyed by their massive ship before the Enterprise and our heroes arrive. They are able to do some good but fail. Spock is the new captain and has a big fight with Kirk. Eventually Kirk becomes captain he is meant to be and with the help of his crew saves Earth and destroys the baddies. Romulans baddies were fine but forgetful. I wish I could say more but it would spoil the movie. Their are many great surprises. The action is great, the look of the film is great, SEE THIS IN IMAX, and characters were great. I loved Spock in this film for a couple of reasons (wink, wink). The only thing about this film was that it gave you no time to catch your breath. Live long and prosper.



I have been a fan of xmen since the 92' cartoon, read some graphic novels, and enjoyed the previous movies. So I was really looking forward to seeing this film. One this is a great film about Wolverine. I gave it a 9/10 which was a little generous might go to 8 when I see it agian when on dvd. The acting of the 3 main characters was great (Wolverine, Victor-sabertooth, Col Stryker). The other characters seemed lacking in acting and were there only to support in some small manner wolverine which is fine. I loved the action of course especially the ending fight scene. The setting and action of it was breathtaking. They did take one huge creative blunderin of giving Deadpool one too many powers which bugged me. Some of the action had bad CGI which stood out for me and some action had too many hero shots. Like the long shot of Wolverine walking out of the flames.

Another thing I enjoyed about the film which has always been true for Wolverine is the battle for stillness or animalistic brutality. Their were quiet moments spread out throughout the film between his gf (who has an interesting arc), to the old couple who brought him in (Hudson's which means no alpha flight story), and a couple of other key quiet moments. I enjoyed the movie but just didnt wow me over like I thought it would.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Films of 2009 so far

What I have seen in theaters so far this year. Well i just saw Wolverine. They need to get rid of that X men origins part. More on this film later.

I saw Valkyrie to start off the year with a couple of friends back home in Indiana at the theater I used to work at. I remember the most about the film was afterwards was talking outside with my friends as our ears froze off. I do not miss that super cold weather here in Los Angeles. Valkyrie was a pretty good political triller with a great cast and with a plot where we already know the end. The characters were pretty good and depicted well about those german soldiers who didnt agree with Hitler and his evil ambitions. I think they did the best they could with the movie but were hurt by the pacing of the film and too much focus on Tom Cruise character. This filmed seem more about Tom Cruise character and the operation was only there to tell about Tom Cruise's character. It was a good film.

I saw Underworld: Rise of Lycans which was a better film that I thought it would be covering the relationship between a lycan and a vampire. The woman who fell in love with a slave which sparked a revolt leading to an endless war which concluded in the first two parts of the Underworld series. It was cool to see this film with a different kind of style without the urban setting and the guns that the made the first two films work. Action is great, classic story, and if you are a fan of the first two and missed this. RENT THIS. But if you dont like vampire, werewolves, or medieval violence this film wont change your mind.

Next was Curious Case of Benjamin Button which reminded me of Forest Gump as an unusual man makes his mark over the world over many decades of the early 20th century. I really thought that this would be an instant classic and couldnt wait to add it to my home dvd collection. For some reason this movie came up short for me though I enjoyed seeing it. It had heart, tragedy, great performances, and amazing settings it still failed to move me like Forest Gump. He was a young at heart old man and became a decrepited child. I did like how the other characters reacted to him- sailor who couldnt believe this old man was just starting to experience life and getting laid, his mother who loved him despite his oddity, and the girlfriend who found only a short time in the crossing of their years to make it work. Its a good film a little long and I enjoyed the first half of the film a lot better than the 2nd half.

Watchmen - the great graphic novel turned into a movie about the lives of superheroes in a dark realistic/ nihilistic world. After seeing 300 and reading the novel I thought this was going to be amazing or like so many films ruin the original material. It neither for me. Yes it stuck close to the book and I was amazed they kept in all of the self reflection that was in the novel, but it was missing the excitement of 300 that only films can bring. I felt like I watching the book and not seeing the movie. Yes I enjoyed the movie but there no was wow factor. No jaw dropping. I did appreciate the soundtrack to the movie. Looking forward to seeing it on DVD or blu-ray.

Finally back to the first film of the Movie Summer Schedule- WOLVERINE. which will be covered in my post later on this week and my films I cant wait to see the rest of the summer.

I'm back

Going to try another crack at this. Became too reliant on facebook to get out information but facebook has no heart. Sorry facebook but your like most of our news today quick and efficient look into our friends lives.

Still doing the movie thing. Though the job market has been tough and still trying to really get out there to new places that has been discouraging at times. My only luck it seems is being brought on by projects with people i already have worked with. Which is good because that means I am doing something right. Though it is hard constantly applying on craigslist/mandy/entertainment jobs/below the line/ and now LA 411 and not getting jobs from it. I have built an ok resume on some interesting projects. Recently finished a indie feature about a girl has amnesia after a wreck killing her father starts getting paranoid the rest of her family is out to get her. It has been like most projects out here for me small crews bonding together to make a fun little film.

The biggest film I have worked on is - Five Star Day starring Cam Gigadnet (Twilight), Jena Malone (Saved!, Ruins) and other great actors in an indie film about a college student looking into the lives of others born at the same hospital and same day as himself. It was the longest shoot I was on and the most tiring. We were at many locations and had a larger production team with a production trailer/actor trailer/few other key vehicles. I was the only PA to last for the entire project and had a couple of small blunders but I believe I rose to the occasion for a great experience.

I am looking forward to a couple of more projects this summer already booked and hope to add a couple of more. Turned down one project this month which would have conflicted with a future project but was only going to be shot on the weekends and I missed going to the Vine which has become my church. Search online for The Vine at Shepherd of the Hills and I hope you are blessed with some amazing sermons. Their also great pictures on our Facebook fan site. My friends at the Vine have become my rock out here and keep reminding me that my life with Christ is so much more than working on filmsets. So I try to enjoy each service the best I can because each project seems to be shot on Sunday.

I still havent seen one film that I have worked on out here yet. Even the short that was shown at the 168 hour film festival "Apples to Ashes". Need to get on that one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Captian of Snapple Command 2

Finished filming this project. It was a great learning experience of what I want to do with my life and how to do it better. we had a very small team so I covered several positions the best i could. I took some heat for not getting everything done, but I think overall the crew appreciated what I did. i got along with most of the crew and if i had troubles with someone it usually got worked out. i tried to share the gospel some . Many saw christianity as a problem in the world so unlike many who just see christianity as another belief, so that was different to deal with. I tried sharing that Christ came to preach Good news and tried to keep politics separate from my faith.

Looking forward to helping out on the next project a serial killer movie. I will just be a part time production asst. which is fine with me. I can enjoy working on set and spend more time keeping my eyes open to observe others in higher position and how they work. Also I will be able to work my part time job of recruiting people to movies.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Captian of Snapple Command

I have been working hard as a line producer in prep work for this film. Things are turning out alright. Got to go to SAG office and drop off papers. Sidenote- saw an interesting report on LA's own cspan channel that covers LA council meetings. This meeting was about creating a task force to better deal with paparazzi. They had John Mayer (who is extremely well spoken, smart individual), Eric Roberts (julia roberts older brother who recenty was in Dark Knight), and Milo V. (from Gilmore Girls and Heroes fame who gave a great speech but was quiet afterwards) They want to start licensing paparazzi which will scare away alot of people who go out and buy camera and just initiate themselves into this free market enterprise with no control. Which sounds great. I have seen one instance of Paparazzi out here. A Mazerati which is quite common in WLA, BH area made a right hand turn in front of me while i was stopped at the red light. After the car pulls out 3 cars quickly follow (2 were black suvs), they surround the Mazerati as best they can and when i reach the stoppped light they are at. They were taking pictures of the the car. Dont who was in it. I found it quite fascinating but also extremely foolish.

We begin filming Snappple Command tomorrow for 10 days over the next 11 days. Wish me luck and send me prayers about being responsible on set and able to put out fire that might emerge.